God at work in India

Praise, thanks and glory to the Lord God for providing another month’s ministry. Since January 2011 we've  increased our outreach ministry from three to five days per month.  We've had great response to our prayer ministry,  street children ministry, village film ministry and night meetings. Praise the Lord!

Baptisms in India

Through his ministry, Pastor Sathuluri baptizes six to ten people per month. Baptisms are performed regularly in the states of Andrapredesh, Orrisa and Chethisgud. After a confession of faith and baptism, new believers are discipled through local churches established in the area.

Supporting Persecuted Christians

When local churches suffer persecution or tragedy, we become the hands and feet of the Lord providing food, clothing and encouragement. This vital ministry is possible in part by the support of faithful believers from around the world.

Children's Bible Conferences

Faith & Work ministries is committed to providing outreach and sharing the gospel through our children's programs. From town to town our mobile children's conferences are flooded with 200-300 children per event. Praise the Lord!

Persecution in India is Rampant

In india, the response to Christian church growth has been extreme. Believers are persecuted, beaten and even murdered. Homes and churches destroyed and some are forced into hiding. Your prayers are vital in supporting and encouraging them.

"Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." - Matthew 28:19


Bringing sound biblical teaching to the rural areas of India

In His grace, FAWBA has now trained over 19,000 thousand pastors, pastors-wives & evangelists. Commonly we will train twenty to thirty pastors in each school. Every year we conduct around seventy-two schools, 8 mobile teachers teaching 9 schools per year.


A Home for the Most Vulnerable Children in India.

Kimmy's House offers hope to orphaned children many, with severe mental and physical needs. A growing group of Denver professionals and others in the area are partnering with Timothy Sathuluri, an Indian National, to provide a home for orphaned children in India.

Welcome to Faith & Work Bible Association

We have started Faith & Work Bible Association (FAWBA) on August 15, 2003 with the vision of training rural pastors in biblical fundamentals. In India, most pastors do not have formal education and no theological knowledge at all, so God gave me the burden to train them. Primarily, we called some of these pastors from various areas of Andhra Pradesh to train them in Hyderabad.

Ministry Updates  Preaching & Sermons 

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